Ramot Jerusalem

Come join the many families who are already enjoying the wonderful benefits of living in the neighborhood of Ramot Jerusalem.

Ramot Alon, also known as Ramot, is a cluster of neighborhoods located in the northern part of Jerusalem. The size of a medium size town in Israel, it offers a diverse range of housing options, such as private homes, two-family homes, attached houses, duplexes, penthouses, and 2-6 room apartments. The population of Ramot is made up of mostly haredi and modern orthodox (dati-leumi) and includes many “Anglos.” Ramot offers its residents excellent municipal services (Ramot’s first-class educational services draw many members of the haredi community to the neighborhood) together with the advantages of a neighborhood community, and most of all, the unique opportunity to experience the splendor and holiness of Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem.

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What makes Ramot Jerusalem the ultimate real-estate choice?


Situated close to the intercity route #443 and highway #1, it allows for convenient travel in any direction in addition to easy access to the southern part of Jerusalem. A recent and welcome transportation option is the Jerusalem Light Rail.

Diverse commercial facilities including an impressive mall

The 70,000 square meter Ramot mall features a 20,000 square meter indoor/outdoor shopping area that serves all the commercial and social needs of the residents of northern Jerusalem. Centrally located, with ample parking and a wide range of outlet shops, banks, health care facilities (kupot holim) pharmacies and more, it also offers social and cultural activities suited to the community. In addition, smaller commercial centers scattered throughout the Ramot neighborhoods allow for maximum shopping options and convenience.

Optimal public facilities and services close to home

The high-quality public services are accessible and convenient. Ramot offers educational and religious services suitable to the life style of its residents including first-rate educational institutions (schools, heders and kollels, and synagogues). Some notable examples: Ahavat Yisrael (Rappaport), Noam Ramot, Beit Yaakov Ramot Polin. The neighborhood also provides superior medical and health services, social services and leisure facilities.

Wide choice of neighborhoods

Ramot Bet, Ramot Gimel, Ramot Arazim and Ramot 06 lie west of the central Ramot main highway, near the Arazim Valley that leads into the entrance to the city. Ramot Ungwar and Ramot Polin are neighborhoods of Ramot Aleph (the location of the new commercial center), and are situated east of the highway towards Ramat Shlomo.

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