Below is a list of FAQ’s. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. Our experts will be more than happy to share their knowledge and advice.

We live in a haredi neighborhood outside of Jerusalem and we have been dreaming about moving to the city for years. Many neighborhoods could be a right fit. Why Ramot?

Ramot’s predominantly haredi and dati-leumi populations, which include a high percentage of Anglos, enjoy the best of all possible worlds. Many families have already found the perfect house for an expanding family. Prices are attractive, and this is where you can get the best value for your investment, together with high quality and varied educational and religious facilities and convenient access to city and intercity routes. The neighborhood boasts a new and spacious mall that enhances social activities and interactions.

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There are so many real-estate agencies and consultants in Ramot, and in Jerusalem in general. Why should I use your services?

You are probably looking for a real estate agency that will do more than just show you properties. Ramot Real Estate specializes in marketing houses and apartments in the northern part of Jerusalem, especially Ramot. As skillful negotiators, we have handled complicated business transactions and have successfully closed a substantial number of deals. We pride ourselves on our excellent inter-personal communication skills and our ability to make things happen. We close deals even when they look complicated, and we find creative ways to overcome challenges. Most importantly, we find the ideal home for every family, even when there is a long list of demands and restrictions. We have a team of mortgage consultants, planners architectures and tax experts, and we can recommend and refer you to the best appraisers, engineers, and interior designers. We believe we can close the ultimate deal for you. Contact us today.

We have tried to explore mortgage options, and we get contradictory information. How can we minimize the risk involved in taking out a mortgage?

From extensive experience, we recommend using the services of a good private mortgage consultant, who knows the The Hidden Secrets of Mortgage Banks, the interest rates, the importance of a mortgage mix, and what negotiation tactics work with mortgage banks. He will look at the figures and accompany you to the bank if needed. A private mortgage consultant generally save a lot of time and money, the process is smoother and you enjoy peace of mind.

Can we even afford our dream house? What do we need to do in order to find out?

First, if you need a mortgage, what is he highest monthly payment that you can afford (better to consider the worst-case scenario)? In addition, you should be prepared to make a down payment of at least 30% of the cost of the property. For more information about mortgages, please read The Hidden Secrets of Mortgage Banks and use our mortgage calculator.

Why move to Ramot? We live close to the center of town, in a nice neighborhood with a strong community. Why make a change?

Jerusalem has many neighborhoods that offer a rich community life to haredi, dati leumi and secular populations. Ramot provides much more. In addition to a rich and diverse community life, the neighborhood offers excellent schools (Rappaport, Beit Yaakov, the cheder of Rabbi Freulich, to name a few) , close proximity to a forest area, easy access to inter-city routes, and great transportation services including the Jerusalem Light Rail.
Finally, Ramot gives you the best value for money; a property in Ramot is a safe and solid investment and the ultimate real estate deal.

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