The Brazilian house in small and quiet green lane, in Ramot Beth Jerusalem



In Ramot  Beth – in a small, quiet green alley, we found for you – this refined villa.

We entered at the front gate and walked in to the beautiful garden of the house; we explored the green area where the children would play. We walked along the spacious courtyard where you can celebrate the holiday events.

Now when we were   convinced that there is enough space to host a large number of guests. We entered the house.

On the entrance floor we saw a large kitchen and dining room.

Spacious living room for entertaining+ Separate family room for children.


We then have gone to the second floor to examine the 4 bedrooms. And the stunning view terrace overlooking Ramot Forest and Cedar Valley.


Finally, we climbed to the third floor to explore the large guest floor, where guests relax from their long Journey.


At the end of the tour we explored the basement floor which has a private shelter and a large storage area.


Just before we left, we were explained that there is also a guest unit that can also be used for a quiet study.

So, if you would like to visit this charming home from a distance. Explore this home and its surroundings –

Contact Eli : 972-54-4637720



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